Young Peoples Feedback (In their own words)


"You (counsellors) inspire me to be a better person."


"They are brilliant (counsellors).  I have been to counselling before and never went back because I thought it was a time waster, but since joining this group I take back what I said".


“I really love this group because it’s really different from other groups. It helps us with dealing with friends in secondary schools and helps us with bullying in schools. I have learnt a lot from this wonderful group.”


“Amazing. Useful. Helpful. Brilliant. Every child has to be treated like how Ami and Ashley treats us.”


“…because it helped me say what was inside me which I never let out”


“…it helped my develop my confidence of speaking about bullying”


“…people don’t laugh with what you say they cope with it.”


“That Ami and Ashley are very kind and they really support you with your difficulties.”


“…this group is the best group I ever had”


“It really helped me understand people much better and getting along for secondary”


“I learned to respect and say my feelings towards them (children/young people) without hurting their feelings.”


“It let me express myself in the way I couldn't before.”


“It let me express myself emotionally and resolved my issues.”




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