Home-Start Barnet has worked with Every Step Matters for over five years and are very pleased with their work in supporting vulnerable families with young children. Every Step Matters has partnered Home-Start Barnet in delivering therapeutic play to young children experiencing domestic violence, group counselling programme to young parents suffering from post-natal depression and one to one counselling to survivors of domestic violence.  We have found the trained counsellors particularly Ami to be highly professional in their approach and would not hesitate in using them again and recommending them to other service providers.


Kirpal Dhadda

CEO  - Home-Start Barnet


“Ami and Ashley have worked in partnership with Hendon School for the last four years and have contributed significantly to our improved outcomes for Year 7 students on transition to the school.


They have worked very proactively with the ECM department to identify and target students we would consider most vulnerable or at risk and provided extremely valuable individual and group support. Students are very positive about the kind of work they do and clearly regard these kind of early adult relationships as very valuable in negotiating the early challenges of life at school. Paula and Ami have been particularly successful at building resilience (targeted students have tended to make good progress throughout KS3) and they have worked well within the existing systems of the school – supporting our focus on SEAL and promoting to parents and carers the importance of early intervention  work in and around emotional health and wellbeing.


Their work is now developing and expanding into different areas of need within the school including drop- in support for more mature students and more specifically targeted group work and we hope it will continue to develop in the future.”


Alex Yates

Assistant Head teacher - Hendon High School




“The highest recommendation I can give would come from the Year 6 children who attended the Transition Groups we set up at Goldbeaters for the Summer Term.


All the children looked forward to the sessions, came out smiling and full of what they had done and were always asking when their next session would be. That in itself speaks volumes for the positive effect it had on a group of children we had identified as having various anxieties over their transfer to Year 7.”


Geoff Salmon
Deputy Head Teacher Goldbeaters School




“Hendon School is constantly striving to provide the best possible pastoral support for the students.


As part of our transitional work Ami and Ashley have provided for us an excellent resource of working with small groups of students in yr 7, on a range of issues such as self esteem, developing positive relationships, behavioural difficulties and of course coping successfully with the transition to secondary school.


As a result of this work Ami and Ashley have identified   a small number of students who they have worked with individually. Other professionals have seen this as a great advantage as quite often the students would not engage with therapeutic agencies outside school.


Ami and Ashley have also worked with a group of older girls at lunchtime re developing healthy relationships and their personal development.


Hendon School recognise the value of the work of Ami and Ashley and hope to develop more initiatives with them in the future.”


Susan Fella

Manager of ECM Hendon School


We first started working with ‘Every Step Matters’ in 2010 having previously used their skills in grief counselling. The organisation provided transition support for year 6 across our two federated schools Goldbeaters and The Orion Primary School. The feedback from our pupils was so positive that I felt compelled to make use of their services further. This last academic year we have employed them to provide group workshops throughout the year. They have worked with years 3 and 4 on a ‘changes’ workshop where they worked with young people who have found it difficult to undergo some form of change in their lives. They also worked with year 5 and 6 on a similar sort of project with a focus on the preteen years and communication. They are in the process of completing another year 6 transition workshop.


The feedback for all of these workshops from the children has again been extremely positive with many of the children wanting to continue working with the ladies who facilitate the groups. I am amazed at how quickly the children bonded to the therapists and allowing them to help with any personal issues; it was always emotive to see the smiles of the children after a session. We are now looking for further funding to continue working with ‘Every Step Matters’ and to expand their work to include 1:1 sessions with those children most in need.


Overall our experience with the organisation has been very positive and we have found them professional and willing to adapt to our specific needs and wants. I would not hesitate in recommending them. If you would like some further information then please do not hesitate to contact me.


Matthew Calvert

Learning Mentor - The Orion



Professionals feedback

Thank you for inviting me in to see your ESM group session in action.  It was incredibly powerful watching this session.  It was one of their ten week sessions, this was session nine and you were getting them to reflect on their experience as a group.  I really liked the way that you gave them all the space to share their thoughts and emotions through the card activity.  They all had to contribute, some of them being very honest about their feelings and emotions.  This was a session about respect and recognition.  They were working together as a collective, sharing group ideas and experiences.  The two of you worked in tandem to ensure that everyone had a part to play. Very difficult to manage given the fact that some of the students struggle with self-esteem issues.


What was interesting for me is that I got to see our Year 7 students in an entirely different setting and experience.  They all talked enthusiastically about how much they enjoyed the sessions and they were all quite sad that the ten week programme was coming to an end. 


The whole concept of deep learning was at the heart of this session.  They were getting deep about this trusting group dynamic and about their feelings in relation to working with you.  At all times you were encouraging them to be honest – and there was a strong sense that they were in a very safe environment for their honesty to be appreciated and recognised.  The atmosphere was calm – they had quiet and still moments for reflection which seemed to help them in their thinking. Almost like whole group meditation.


Four of the girls completely took me by surprise because I have never heard them speak up in any other lesson experience.  Two of the boys took me by surprise because they were learning how to listen within a respectful situation and context.  How do we measure the progress that the students make here?  They certainly made a great deal of progress in relation to their spiritual and moral development – and they certainly made progress in relation to their ability to work and function as a group.  I really liked the way you worked with them all.  I liked the way you both made sincere eye contact with them as they contributed to the discussion.  And, the discussions were quite meaningful. Their unique contribution was valued.


I would describe this as an outstanding lesson because they were all learning together. Emotions matter and this lesson certainly highlighted this.  I am proud of the ECM Department for giving the students the chance to talk about their school experience in meaningful ways.  It has been a good day today because we are clearly spending our pupil premium money in the best possible way!


Kevin McKellar

Headteacher - Hendon School

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